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Clearing – A Guide for Professionals

bk_cover_206Everything you need to know to establish and manage your own Clearing practice–or incorporate biomonitor-assisted Clearing into your existing professional wellness practice. In this extraordinary manual, Hank Levin clearly and simply presents the theories and practical applications of biomonitor-assisted Clearing, and gives procedures to address a large number of personal issues. Hank’s recommendations and suggestions about running a professional practice, backed with over 35 years of experience, expertise and insight, will be of immense value to wellness practitioners of any modality. [400 pages] Read More ...
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Biomonitor Training Drills

biotrainingpBiomonitor Training Drills Do you own an old clearing biomonitor or E-meter? In only 13 simple drills, you can learn to: * Interpret needle reads! * Locate and identify stress! * Pinpoint snags in education situations! * Steer someone to a specific buried thought! Read More ...
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How to Talk to Anyone About Anything

howtotalkpThe Secrets of Building & Maintaining Effective Rapport In training many clearing practitioners over the years, I've found the one greatest barrier to effective Clearing was not the complexity of the biomonitor device, nor even the understanding and use of the procedures. The biggest barrier has always been the difficulty of staying in good enough communication to maintain and establish effective rapport with clients. This has been true even when students have had professional backgrounds Read More ....
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Solo Clearing Manual

solomanualpHow You Can Be Your Own Clearing Practitioner In this long-awaited manual, Hank Levin shows you how to use the Clearing Biomonitor to bring about amazing improvements in your own life. Written by a master clearing practitioner, author, trainer and lecturer who has more than thirty years of experience in the profession of clearing. Hank is a foremost expert and authority in the use of the Clearing Biomonitor, the fascinating device that has opened the door for a new and remarkably fast and efficient mode of personal transformation. Read More ...
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Clearing Meter Training DVD

DVDLearn the basics of using the Clearing Biomonitor in simple, easy-to-understand language. Includes real demonstrations of: * How the biomonitor works — the underlying theory * How to distinguish regular thoughts from those with negative mental energy * How to identify specific thoughts * How to locate thoughts through the body Includes many, many tips to help insure success in the adventure of using the biomonitor to guide people through the exploration of the mind! Read More ...
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Experimental Procedures

experimentalpHere's a book with lots of of simple, easy procedures for: * Learning to use a clearing biomonitor * Locate and identify stress! * Effectively and gently guiding clients to talk about important personal issues! * Learning to recognize the meter phenomena necessary to use it effectively * Actually using the biomonitor to identify and isolate specific "charged" thoughts! * Assessing for important issues to be handled! * Using the stored negative mental energy in the client?s body to locate charged issues! * Handling specific issues, including Upsets, Sadness, Guilt, Problems, Fear and Traumatic Incidents. Read More ...
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Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy

energypsychpThis book is the definitive work on the subject of energy psychology, the new generation of therapy that has attempted to meaningfully integrate current theories of behavioral psychology, kinesiology, neuropsychological research and galvanic skin response. Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy is a bold effort to bridge gaps between mind and body, between matter and energy, and between theoretical solutions and the findings of established science. Read More ...
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