Clarity AutoReset Meter

The Clarity Meter is a revolutionary new biomonitor for use in the various modern processes of personal transformation. It is used for discovering and handling suppressed or repressed thoughts, memories and impressions which impact upon people’s behavior and feeling of well-being. The utilization of the Clarity Meter can significantly enhance the speed and effectiveness of many kinds of developmental therapies, regression techniques and meditation procedures. Furthermore, its usefulness and versatility in the experimental exploration of the human thought process is unparalleled.

The amount of time saved and increase in effectiveness through the use of the Clarity Meter is hard to believe if you have never seen it in use. This is because the efficiency of your procedures are not only enhanced by the speed with which significant issues are found and brought to light­but also by the substantial time saved by detecting when the emotional charge on a personal issue has been released! In other words, the Clarity Meter provides a useful indication that a personal issue which is being dealt with has indeed been handled, and that the client is now ready to deal with other issues.

What distinguishes the Clarity Meter from less sophisticated (and less expensive) GSR meters on the market are its highly responsive meter movement, and specialized, highly-amplified circuitry. The meter movement on most GSR meters is used merely to determine the “baseline” value (overall electrical resistance of the subject’s body), and is an off-the-shelf industrial movement with sufficient sensitivity for ordinary electronic and research applications. The movement on the Clarity Meter is an expensive component, specially manufactured for us to be highly responsive to the slightest mental impulses. It easily shows important patterns of movement which are missed on other meters.

The electronic circuitry of the Clarity Meter is built with cutting-edge, ultra-modern technology to provide distinct, precise reads even at high baseline settings where ordinary GSR meters become weak or inaccurate. Furthermore, a special innovative AutoSens circuit automatically adjusts the sensitivity (or gain) to the different baseline positions, so that uniform impulses from the subject produce uniform reads throughout the entire baseline range. Whether used on another or on oneself, this feature is invaluable for conserving the operator’s valuable attention and energy for dealing with the subject or client.

The Clarity Meter far surpasses other meters used for simple psychology demonstration purposes and clearing. It is the culmination of over fifty years of technical development in biomonitors used in personal development techniques. It was designed to give the most premium performance, reliability and versatility available.

Order Clarity Meter with Auto Reset 1 @ $1,297.00
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