Solo Clearing Manual

Solo Clearing Manual
How You Can Be Your Own Clearing Practitioner
In this long-awaited manual, Hank Levin shows you how to use the Clearing Biomonitor to bring about amazing improvements in your own life. Written by a master clearing practitioner, author, trainer and lecturer who has more than thirty years of experience in the profession of clearing. Hank is a foremost expert and authority in the use of the Clearing Biomonitor, the fascinating device that has opened the door for a new and remarkably fast and efficient mode of personal transformation.
Written simply and concisely, The Solo Clearing Manual will show you a brand new way to understand the mysteries of thought?a way that makes the mind easy to understand and deal with effectively. This understanding, along with the procedures in this book that utilize the incredible biomonitor, will give you opportunities for self-help that are unprecedented!
Buy The Solo Clearing Manual and learn to set yourself free from Fears, Upsets, Worry, Frustrations and Inhibitions…that block your ability to perform and enjoy life!A wealth of information
A well-put together book with lots of detail, The Solo Clearing Manual is divided into two well-illustrated sections: Theory & Basic Technique, and Advanced Techniques. Its 15 chapters include:

  • Understanding the Mechanics of Thought?A New Paradigm
  • Precision Communication
  • Working With the Clarity Meter
  • Advanced Metering Skills
  • Troubleshooting

There are 12 powerful solo procedures, two chapters on handling specific issues, and a complete sample session including an analysis and critique.
If you purchase this book and later decide to take a Solo Clearing Workshop with Hank Levin, the price of the book will be subtracted from the workshop fee. Proof of purchase required.

Order Solo Clearing Manual 1 @ $29.00
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