How to Talk to Anyone About Anything

How to Talk to Anyone About Anything
The Secrets of Building & Maintaining Effective RapportIn training many clearing practitioners over the years, I’ve found the one greatest barrier to effective Clearing was not the complexity of the biomonitor device, nor even the understanding and use of the procedures.The biggest barrier has always been the difficulty of staying in good enough communication to maintain and establish effective rapport with clients. This has been true even when students have had professional backgrounds with prior training in clinical procedures! This is because even though clients and associates will often try to overlook awkward moments out of a spirit of cooperation, the biomonitor is uncompromising!The slightest stumble, hesitance, or strained response on your part will immediately register on the meter, and will likely need to be resolved! This book will vastly improve and refine your own natural ability to keep your clients in session and willing to talk about their own sensitive issues. Furthermore, How to Talk to Anyone About Anything will improve your ability to deal with people in everyday life.

This book is written in plain, simple, non-esoteric language. It has been successfully used to conduct parent-teenager workshops, couples workshops, and workshops for church groups (real world), Parents Without Partners, and in training real-estate sales agents, business owners, sales managers, as well as clearing practitioners.

If you are a professional clearing practitioner, therapist, group leader or a parent, you need this book! (Previously published as Making Magic With Communication.)

If you purchase this book and later decide to take a Rapport & Communication Workshop with Hank Levin, the price of the book will be subtracted from the workshop fee. Proof of purchase required.

Order How to talk to anyone about anything 1 @ $20.00
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