Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy

Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy
This book is the definitive work on the subject of energy psychology, the new generation of therapy that has attempted to meaningfully integrate current theories of behavioral psychology, kinesiology, neuropsychological research and galvanic skin response.Energy Psychology in Psychotherapyis a bold effort to bridge gaps between mind and body, between matter and energy, and between theoretical solutions and the findings of established science.More familiar aspects of energy psychology include BSFF, EFT, Tapas method, and EMDR. Whether you are a clinician well-versed in energy psychology and want to learn more about a new system, or whether you are new to the whole field, you are certain to find valuable information and insights here.

Compiled and edited by clinical psychologist Fred P. Gallo, Ph.D., a principle pioneer in energy psychology, Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy features a chapter on the biomonitor by Hank Levin, “Using the Biomonitor: An Energy Guage for Mind and Body.” This chapter contains a brief history of the development of the biomonitor, a hypothetical demonstration, and perspectives on its incorporation into modern therapeutic practice.

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